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FibroBlog: Part V|Step-by-Step Tailored Care

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao Tzu

If you’ve been following my blog series on Fibromyalgia you’re beginning to understand the importance of following a sequence of care to get rid of pain, fatigue and brain fog for good. This is where it gets exciting! I've spent the last 6 months working with and learning from an amazing group of international experts, MDs, pharmacologists and acupuncturists on a program that brings together the science and the art of implementing effective lifestyle solutions to the complex problem of fibromyalgia. They have developed a comprehensive program to help people reduce their pain and increase their energy without medications or side effects. The exciting part is seeing people get their lives back, having the energy to engage in the world, connect to friends and family and experience true vitality.

When you follow the sequence in our Fibro-Fatigue program, your body will begin to repair itself step-by-step in the most complete and efficient way. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the objectives for each stage and the process of ridding your body of each type of pain⏤wandering, heavy, achy, tense, burning and sharp. Using the tools of the program, along with in-office support treatments, we will walk you through the easy process, and empower you to be your own healer. Each of the tools we use are designed to help you pass through each stage with minimal effort.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools we use in the program ...

Intentional Breath| Go ahead, take a breath.

We take the ancient techniques of breath work and combine them with modern gasotransmitter therapies that are proven through science and clinical results. Cutting-edge research shows how the use of these techniques activate control over one of the most potent self-healing resources in your body⏤your breath. Check out this article on the healing power of breath work.

Starter kit of the purest herbs from the mountains of China and Tibet. Bonus: the sale of these herbs helps to support an orphanage in Tibet.

Herbs| To gain freedom from Fibromyalgia, we offer specific herbal formulas through each stage to help correct your body's imbalances. Through each step of the program you will learn about the herbs, which ones to take, why to take them and how often. By the end of each stage you’ll know what your body needs and when. Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most natural forms of medicine. It predates Western pharmacology by a couple thousand years, and allows you to heal faster without all the side effects of western medicine. You will receive the purest herbs, from the mountains of Tibet and China. We have a dedicated herbal pharmacologist who leads the research team from top Chinese universities, ensuring that the herbs are pure, potent and safe. The creators of this program are truly out to improve the world, that's why a portion of the sale of these herbs goes to support an orphanage in Tibet.

Self Care Rituals| Day by day we teach you the most effective, yet simple lifestyle improvements. These small changes add up to something incredible overtime. Everybody has to do self-care regardless of your state of helath. Our bodies require maintenance and unfortunately in our culture we have forgotten what that means. Part of the program is teaching you the most specific things you can do if you have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue or any type of chronic pain. They're very specific simple exercises that don't require you to spend a whole hour on a yoga mat or at the gym. You can do them in your pajamas as you wake in the morning.

Self care practices take 7 minutes at the beginning. If you have 7 minutes and you can breathe you can do these rituals and honestly, they're fun to most people. In fact many are reporting a lot of joy in their life as a result of helping the body become healthy and strong in this way. The bonus here is that you will learn skills that you can use for the rest of your life (and share with others) any time you're not feeling well.

It's not a big time commitment and perfection is not required of you.

When you join the Fibro Fatigue Program, you'll receive 16 weeks of stage specific herbal remedies, weekly in-office acupuncture, aromatherapy or EFT sessions and:

Daily Support Emails| Imagine every day you wake up and there's a new email in your inbox with one specific piece of knowledge, one thing that's going to help you live a little bit better that day. Then, over time, every day gets a little bit easier. Healing is cumulative⏤it naturally adds up.

Daily Instructional Videos| Audio and visual learners will appreciate the daily institutional videos. You can watch or simply listen. Patients have unlimited access to this resource. Listen and watch as many times as you need. You’ll also have access to all this instruction for life. These videos are sixty to ninety seconds long. On average, this is something you can watch while you're waking up in the morning.

Treatment: What to Expect


Stage 1| Protecting Your Immune System

Our objective in this stage is to decrease wandering pain. The kind of pain that is in your neck one day, your back the next and somewhere else entirely the next day. People with Fibromyalgia know many different kinds of pain. It is necessary in Stage One to protect the immune system and dial down the nonspecific inflammatory response which will start to decrease the wandering pain. Later stages deal with the other types of pain.

Stage One will also work on decreasing weather sensitivity. Many Fibro sufferers notice that thunderstorms, barometric pressure fluctuations and simple changes in weather can cause unbearable flares. By protecting and building up the immune system we also decrease the sensitivity to weather and temperature changes.

The treatments at this stage are used to induce sweating and stay warm. People with this kind of pain benefit from saunas and lymph drainage massage (which we teach you in the videos). As an underlying strategy we use plant-based therapies shown to have regulatory actions on the immune system, nitric oxide, and water metabolism. To really alleviate the pain from this stage, it is essential to activate microphages and regulate T cells, B cells, and NK cells. It is also important during this stage to regulate bowel movements and protect the liver and the central nervous system.

Herbal remedies: Immunex and Lymflo

Stage 2| Restoring Your Digestive System

With most of the immune system being located in the small intestine, regulating digestion is the next logical step. As we get the gut back in balance the immune function is going to continue to improve and support the results from stage one. This systematic approach builds on itself with the work you do in each stage and becomes the foundation for the next stage (sealing in the work you did on the previous stage). Balancing the gut helps to relieve the heavy/achy pains. You might also notice that your behavior around food starts to change. Your cravings may change or even disappear. If your habit was to get “hangry” (angry/hungry), all of a sudden, the hunger starts to regulate and you don't feel agitated beforehand.

Treatment focuses on increasing bowel movements and restoring healthy gut flora. We use plant-based interventions to regulate water metabolism, blood sugar, and blood lipids. It also has immune regulatory effects. We reduce fungi and increase antioxidants to help reduce damage caused by inflammation. To combat Fibro fog, we use herbs that have been shown to increase memory and brain cell proliferation. Because of the influence of gut microbiota on sleep we use the gut flora to help increase 5-HTP. The formulas in this category tend to be antibacterial and antiviral and help with pancreatic juice, insulin, and bile secretion.

Herbal remedies: Aquada and Lymflo

Stage 3 | Healing Your Nerves

The objective here is to soothe the muscle tension and the burning, nervy or electric pains by balancing cortisol levels and the way your liver actually handles stress. Holding on to stress causes tension and tight muscles anywhere it is held. Most frequently we feel it in our shoulders, necks and jaws, but tension and stress can be held anywhere in the body.

We also have to regulate the sleep cycle. Typical Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue sufferers have very irregular sleep cycles. Getting back into circadian rhythm allows sleep to be truly restorative and gives the body a chance to rebuild. You will begin to make a lot of progress after reducing inflammation in Stage One and balancing gut bacteria in Stage Two. Much of your pain will be decreasing, and with more sleep, you begin to gain strength and energy.

Treatment focuses on reducing stress, improving sleep and reducing nitric oxide through sighing, and moving lightly to work the tension out of the body. It is also important to address long-term liver damage. Plant-based interventions are used at this stage to regulate nitric oxide, reduce stress, regulate melatonin and improve sleep. Liver health and healthy gut microbiome will be addressed to reduce irritable bowel disorder. These interventions have also been shown to have a regulatory effect on hormones.

Herbal remedies: Fibrokalm pills and Fibrokalm tea

Stage 4 | Opening Your Circulation

The objective here is to dissolve sharp pain and unblock trauma. This is when we're really looking at blood flow and how the body is feeding itself.

There are two meanings when we talk about trauma. One is physical trauma, like old injuries or surgery where there is old scar tissue and old static blood causing pain. That will start to dissolve, soften and heal when you follow the Stage Four herbs and practices. The other meaning is emotional trauma. It may sound odd, but we tend to store those traumas in our blood. Whenever something traumatic happens in life, stress hormones are released into the bloodstream and the body holds onto the chemical memory of the event (lodging it somewhere in the body, blocking circulation and causing pain). Stage Four allows the body to process trauma and let it go.

Treatment focuses on improving circulation and regulating prostaglandins. For this type we use sophisticated blends of botanicals that have the following effects:

  • Reduce prostaglandins (active mediators in inflammation, that also increase sensitivity to pain)

  • Better than morphine for long term pain, regulate dopamine

  • Have both glucocorticoid and NSAID inflammatory properties

  • Sedative effect as strong as that of 200mg/kg aspirin or 1mg/kg indomethacin

  • Wound healing, blood vessel formation, anti-rheumatic

  • Increase cellular immunity and significantly reduce markedly elevated interleukin

Herbal remedies: Neurogen pills and Neurogen tea

Want more information on the science behind the herbs? It's available in my office or in the Fibro Bible written by two of the creators of this program.

Despite the in-depth amount of information presented here, the program is easy. We've done all of the behind the scenes work, so that you don't have to. Just follow along and watch your body change day by day. This is the most comprehensive and effective program I have ever seen. It reduces your pain level and improves your energy quickly. This is how you get your life back.

Believe in yourself. Deep down you value your life and your relationships. You want to engage more fully in the world. It’s time to be done with this health condition that is dragging you down and stealing your life. You’re worth it.

Schedule your free Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Support Consultation to see if you qualify for the program.

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