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Fibromyalgia: Part II|Refurbishing the House

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

In the first blog, Unraveling the Mystery, I likened Fibromyalgia to a knotted up ball of yarn. Just when you think you have one knot or symptom figured out, you end up with a whole new set of knots.

It’s exhausting.

A systematic approach to healing the entire body is what Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain sufferers need most. Guess what? A program just like that exists!

I am one of 45 acupuncturists in the world studying with a team of Traditional Chinese Medicine pioneers who are revolutionizing Fibromyalgia treatment with their systematic approach.

Fibromyalgia runs the gamut from aches and sleeplessness to digestive issues. It often manifests as musculoskeletal pain accompanied by debilitating fatigue, sleep disorders, memory challenges and emotional distress. It can manifest as tension headaches, TMJ disorders, irritable bowel syndrome as well as food sensitivities.

The complex nature of this condition makes it difficult for Western and Alternative health care providers to deliver consistent, significant relief. Many patients become dependent on prescription painkillers which further degrade their quality of life.

Some treatments provide temporary relief and seem to hold the answer to this painful condition, but often lead to a dead end. What works for one may not work for another. What works today may not work tomorrow. This path leaves patients feeling rather hopeless. My teacher likened it to refurbishing a home that has been through a hurricane: the roof leaks, the windows are gone, basement is flooded, wiring has shorted out, carpet is soaked and starting to mold.

If we drain the basement or replace the carpet it will look like things are improving, but as soon as it starts to rain, the water will pour in through the roof, and that leaves us back at square one.

There is hope. There is a step by step approach to treating and alleviating this suffering. The approach addresses the condition in 8 stages with a simple regimen of acupuncture, herbs, and breath-work (in the right order). The same way we need to secure the exterior of the house before repairing the interior, we need to address each layer of this condition as it manifests in the body. This allows patients to redirect their thoughts about healing and progress towards lasting pain relief.

My goal is to provide hope and direction to everyone dealing with this frustrating condition. Stay tuned for more in-depth information on each stage. If you or someone you know suffers with Fibromyalgia or a myriad of conditions no one seems to be able to treat, come in for a FREE consultation and find out how this system can help you.

Check out this video for a better understanding and an introduction to the stages:

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