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Fibromyalgia: Part I |Unraveling The Mystery

Updated: Jan 5, 2021


Unique. Complex. Multi-Faceted.

The pain is heavy. It burns, stabs, aches and moves-from-place-to-place. Add the frustrating fatigue, brain fog, and never knowing how you'll feel on a daily basis to the fact that doctors have nothing to offer but pills. Others tell you it's all in your head. You try different diets, different exercises, different supplements. One day they work, making you think you've finally found the answer, but the next day they don't. It's all a mystery—an exhausting, expensive and seemingly never-ending mystery. It’s not your fault.

Unraveling fibromyalgia is a lot like unwinding a ball of yarn. You could untie a knot or two here and there and feel like you're making progress, but often end up in knots all over again. I've treated a lot of people with fibro and chronic fatigue over the years. Some get better almost instantly. And some don't. By only focusing on one of these knots, most treatment strategies try to be the silver bullet. Unfortunately those strategies often fail. This disparity has always bothered me, and I've spent the last six months learning the most comprehensive strategies to reduce pain and increase energy, a focused strategy that addresses one knot at a time.

I’ve been working with and learning from an international panel of experts in the field and have come to understand that there are eight distinct stages of fibro and chronic fatigue that must be addressed in proper order. Through a series of blogs, I’ll begin to explain how I’m working with this team to offer a program designed to take you through stages one through four.

At each stage you will learn different breathing exercises, qigong postures and self care practices. We’ll discuss pitfalls and how to avoid them so that you can graduate as quickly as possible. You’ll also get the highest quality medicinal teas and herbal formulas delivered to your door. We teach you how to use them, and how to interpret the signs your body is giving you--including your dreams.

When you've made it through the first four, you can expect to be out of pain. In stages five through eight, you’ll begin the process of restoring and refilling your body’s depleted energy reserves.

If you or someone you love suffers with the debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia, please share this with them, or have them come by for a chat. Watch for the next blog with more information about each stage and the powerful ways to manage pain and naturally increase energy.

We want to understand you and how Fibromyalgia affects your life. We offer a free 30-40-minute consultation. Calls us to learn more.

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