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Cancer Support

“You have cancer” are some of the scariest words you can hear. 

We are here to support you.

Acupuncture can be a powerful part of your treatment plan, supporting the whole person while you navigate the physical and emotional challenges of going through treatment. 

We are here to help you through all of it, from early diagnosis, through treatment, recovery, and if necessary, to end of life.  No matter where you are in the process, we can support you.

Call for your free consultation today and let’s make a plan together.



Build you up to go into treatment as strong as possible by regulating the bodily functions that promote wellness.


-Calming your nervous system

-Promoting restorative sleep

-Regulating digestion & elimination

-Relieving aches, pains &


-Balancing your emotions

-Strengthening your immune system

Image by Gus Moretta



Safely and effectively relieve treatment related side effects.  We will consider your treatment schedule and discover together how and when your acupuncture treatments will benefit you the most.



According to the National Cancer Institute, there is strong evidence that acupuncture can relieve treatment related side effects:

    -Pain associated with treatments

    -Post-operative pain

    -Cancer related pain

    -Nausea and vomiting

    -Low energy levels

    -Poor appetite




    -Dry mouth

    -Hot Flashes and Night Sweats


Image by National Cancer Institute


Rebuild your strength, vitality and well being. Re-balance your internal environment and relieve lingering side effects


Even though your treatment has ended, your body is still coping with the effects. 


Research shows that acupuncture can help with:



    -Concentration- “Chemo Brain”

    -Joint Pain

    -Menopause Symptoms

    -Numbness and Tingling

End Of Life Care

If necessary, acupuncture can be a wonderful addition to hospice and palliative care. This time of complicated physical and emotional processes deserves support. The focus here is to ease all aspects of the transition.


Together, we navigate this process in a heart-centered, conscientious way.  We listen carefully and seek to understand what each patient needs in the moment.  

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