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Adrenal Fatigue: Part V |Mindset

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

I hope you are starting to understand some of the ways you can begin to heal your adrenal fatigue by yourself. I hope you recognize the power that you have over your own biology by making simple subtle shifts in your daily routine. When you give your body what it needs on a daily basis (consistently and continuously) it shows you the innate wisdom and power it needs to heal itself.

Incorporating these ideas into a daily routine will build the momentum to profoundly shift your biology and heal the body on many levels. Conventional medicine asserts that the body is a machine, that through scientific tests, the numbers on a blood test determine illness and/or wellness. This system is great to diagnose serious conditions, but it leaves out a critical component: It does not address how you actually feel. I see patients with “perfect” numbers who feel awful and I see patients with horrible numbers who feel great. Chinese medicine has known for centuries that the body is not a machine. It is a complex combination of biology, physiology, neurology and . . . psychology.

What Happens In Your Mind On a Daily Basis Strongly Effects Your Biology

It’s like what happens when you go to a movie. You're sitting in the theater looking at the screen, and your logic lets you know that you are watching a movie--that it is not real. Still, your body feels the fear of a horror show. Muscles tense, your jaw clenches, your heart races, adrenaline soars, you may even jump or scream when something startling happens. Or you watch a love story and your heart turns to mush as you’re loaded with endorphins. Your mind knows this is not real but your body responds as if it is. Every single day we are creating these stories in our bodies by the things we think, the things we tell ourselves about our lives, and the stories we hold onto about who we are and how life treats us.

Beliefs are Greatly Involved in Physical and Mental Well-being

When we fear, worry, stress, anger and anxiety, we create a state where increased cortisol and increased stress on the nervous system disrupt the hormones⏤decreasing the body’s ability to maintain balance. This creates unstable levels of energy and appetite. The metabolism doesn’t know what to do. The brain becomes distracted and unfocused as well as unable to shut down when it’s time to sleep. Everything becomes harder: Vital systems of balance shut down to help combat the stress. This battle against ourselves creates stress that saps energy, focus, motivation, and mood. Stress affects everything!

Psychology Changes Your Physiology.

Start by letting go of the scary movies in your head. Stories are the most powerful tool for shaping physiology. We all tell ourselves stories all the time ... some of the stories are happy, some are sad. Some stories are angry, some are compassionate. Some stories are about us as victims, others about us as perpetrators. The point to notice is that all of these stories are just that⏤stories. We choose to tell ourselves harmful stories about what’s happening. But there’s no reality to it. Someone else might look at the same situation and see growth where the another sees disaster. That’s what happens in the subconscious mind 24 hours a day. A new way of engaging with with your story would be to ask yourself one simple question: “What is my story?” Asking this question is going to set a physiological foundation for growth. In fact, I’ll share an old secret: Our bodies are made of stories, not cells.

These Stories Need Your Attention

You can start by simply bringing awareness to the stories in your head. Ask questions: What is playing over and over again every day? Am I constantly telling myself that I'm tired, or that I hate my job, that I'm not good enough at something? Instead of judging yourself, or judging your thoughts, get to know them. Why are you thinking these things? Where do these thoughts come from? Are they true? This curiosity allows you the space to investigate your stories and begin to heal them. When you release stories, and begin to shift them your biology will change.

Your body is intelligent. It’s capable of incredible transformation and change.

Capable of healing very quickly when given the chance. Always working to adapt to the stress of life, including the stress we create. Your body will always kick into “healing mode” the instant you start giving it what it needs. See for yourself by practicing this exercise for at least 7 days in a row.

You’ve got what it takes to heal, but if you’re tired of the exhaustion, brain fog, overwhelm and other symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue we can help you get there faster:

  • Acupuncture will awaken and strengthen your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

  • Chinese Herbs repair the root imbalance.

  • Functional Medicine Supplements precisely target areas that need support.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, schedule your free consultation. This no pressure consultation allows you to meet us, share your story, get your questions answered and see if you’re a good fit for the care we offer.

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