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Walk The Line

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

As an alternative medicine practitioner I walk the line between science and woo.

A four-year Master of Science in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbology taught me the science behind what I do. I geek out on the ways in which acupuncture, herbs and supplements regulate all of the systems in the body. To calm the nervous system, balance hormones and digestion, and boost immunity is to create more balance, less inflammation, improved circulation, tissue repair and nutrient absorption. I see it every day in my practice⏤concrete physical changes that allow people to not only live well, but thrive. Pain diminishes, physical function returns, sleep becomes restorative, moods balance and energy abounds. It fuels my passion for what I do. I love that more and more science is validating the effectiveness of what we do.

On the other hand I love the woo, too; the weird, out there, magical metaphysical stuff. There are systems of exchange and transmutation of energy that occur in any healer/patient relationship. Using tools that are sometimes seen as “out there” can create profound change in the energy or vibration of an individual, freeing them up to live the life they want to live. I believe these systems come into play with magical healings. Symptoms disappear suddenly, realities shift and subtle new energies emerge. It can feel like the clouds are parting and the angels are singing when all is well with the mind, body and spirit. Energy work releases tension and long stuffed memories stored in the muscles.

Precious crystals can help us ground and connect with nature, hone in on our intentions and bring them to life. There is strong science backing essential oils. The power of scent cannot be ignored. It shifts the vibration of a room, opening the breath and allows healing. I see and experience daily the power of breath-work as it calms the mind, invigorates the body and in an almost alchemical way releases trauma and pain.

One of my favorite modalities is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This modality is done by a trained practitioner who guides a patient through a system of tapping on acupuncture points to release stored emotional blocks and traumas. It frees the mind, spirit and the body from painful memories and thought processes. Again and again I see that changes in mindset lead to manifestation in ways that do not require extreme hustle, hard work, or pressure on the self. This change and transformation never fails to inspire.

When I place a needle into the body I know that circulation will increase, inflammation will decrease, the brain will release endorphins and the patient will relax. I also know there is profound potential for releasing negative patterns, energies, and thought processes.

There is a current movement which merges science and woo. Modern science has started to acknowledge the things that sages have known for centuries and they are giving new terminology to ancient modalities. What woo calls the mind-body connection, science calls neuroplasticity. Wisdom traditions call it breath-work, but science calls it gasotransmitter therapy. This is how acceptance builds in the greater community⏤with data that shows these ancient practices profoundly change the chemistry of the brain, growing what we know about the mind-body connection. I see an amazing shift toward looking at the body as a living, breathing, dynamic being. It is so much more than achieving the correct number from a machine or a blood test. Our bodies are influenced by our environment, our relationships, our lifestyles, our choices, our culture and most of all our own thoughts.

Within all of this I believe in the power of science in its investigation into how we heal, but I also believe in the power of bringing awareness to our thoughts and practicing cognitive flexibility which allows us personal growth. I believe in the power of crystals. I believe in energy healing. I believe that sometimes our illnesses are rooted in something deeper than the physical and that we have tools to discover and release them.

This is why I am inviting you to walk the line with me in a 4 week program to (Re)Boot your inspiration! I'll bring you the best of both worlds by using all the tools I have to completely reboot your body mind and spirit! Astrology, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Supplements, Essential oils, Meditation, EFT and more to help you reconnect with your inspiration (that part of you that knows the way, aligns with your soul and makes desired change flow easily from the heart rather than from brutish will power.

Choose the level of reboot you need. Get started getting un-stuck!

Introducing: Inspiration (Re)Bootcamp!

This four week journey is designed to re-balance the body, mind and spirit.

We'll design a custom treatment plan to treat whatever ails you (relieving pain, balancing hormones, improving sleep, boosting energy, regulating moods) and help bring YOU back to YOU!

All reset levels include membership to the private Inspiration (Re)Bootcamp Facebook group where you'll receive: daily inspiration, guidance and tips to reclaim your health, your mind, and your spirit.

You'll also receive an essential oil crystal roller containing a customized blend of oils and crystals to support you on this journey.

Mini Re-set:

  • 2 acupuncture sessions

  • Inspiration (Re)Bootcamp Group

  • Custom essential oil crystal roller

$255 Value | Now $195

Midi Re-Set:

  • 4 acupuncture sessions

  • Inspiration (Re)Bootcamp Group

  • Custom essential oil crystal roller

  • 1 month supply of custom herbs

$470 Value | Now $350

Maxi Re-Set:

  • 4 acupuncture sessions

  • 2 EFT Sessions

  • Inspiration (Re)Bootcamp Group

  • Custom essential oil crystal roller

  • 1 month of custom herbs

  • 1 month of custom supplements

$755 Value | Now $555



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